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  1. vskapil19

    vskapil19 New Member

    May I know whether Proprietor of a Beauty Parlour can take the benefit of new Sec. 44ada, created in budget of 2016
  2. vskapil19

    vskapil19 New Member

    Means beauty parlours have to maintain mandatory books like journal,ledger etc but above which threshold limit.
    Thanks and regards.
  3. sai tejesh(

    sai tejesh( Active Member

    Under sec.44AA,beauty parlours are not covered under the professional people.
    So they can well and good comply sec.44AD and disclose 8% income of their turnover.And they are not required to maintain books of accounts
    .Only the professionals covered under SEC44AE has to mandatorily maintain books of accounts & 44AD is not applicable to them.
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