Where we can invest money safely?

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  1. Sandeep112233

    Sandeep112233 New Member

    What are best investment option for getting assured returns.
  2. Nikil Mohan

    Nikil Mohan Member

    Investing in Fixed deposits in Nationalised Banks.
  3. vbhat

    vbhat New Member

    Postal Monthly Income Scheme is one more option wherein in the joint account ,one can invest up to Rs.9 lakhs with assured returns.
  4. Aman Khanna

    Aman Khanna New Member

    The safety of the invested money is subject to the degree of market dependence of the investment option under consideration. In simple terms, all those investment vehicles are considered safe which are more or less independent of market happenings. Based on this parameter, there are fixed deposits in which individuals can invest money safely.

    These are basically term deposits wherein an individual can invest money for a decided tenure which can range from a week to 10 years to earn interest at the rate as determined by the financial institution. This financial institution can either be a bank or a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). Unlike other investment options, an individual need not spend time researching on how and where to invest in case of fixed deposits. They can simply look for FD (Fixed Deposit) schemes with a high rate of interest from a reputed bank or NBFC. Investors can choose to receive the interest income at the end of the tenure or on a more frequent basis, like every month or at the end of the quarter.
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